Why you should store in temperature-controlled storage

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Temperature-controlled storage is the safest and most reliable method to ensure your belongings are secure, and not exposed to the outside elements.  These types of units are perfect for storing furniture, electronics, business documents, antiques, and anything else that is sensitive to humidity and inclement weather.

The primary cause of damage when keeping your items in a non temp-controlled storage unit is humidity.  Since these units are not insulated and subjected to outside temperatures, there is always the possibility that the humidity can cause damage in the form of mold and mildew on your belongings, if stored for an extended period of time.  This is especially concerning if there is an extreme change in temperature from one day to the next, causing the steel walls to “sweat” and form condensation in the unit.  Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this from happening, unless the units are insulated and have continual air flow, which is what temperature-controlled units provide.  Air conditioning is activated in the hot months, and heat in the cold months, to provide a balanced environment, not unlike your home or office.     photoAlthough temp-controlled units are typically more expensive than your average, outside storage units, the additional cost is well worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings aren’t going to get ruined.  Many storage facilities do not offer temperature-controlled units, so it is very important to shop around to find the right location to suit your needs. Remember, if it’s worth storing, it’s worth protecting!