Why Choose Temperature Controlled Storage?

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If you live in an area where there are extreme hot and/or cold weather conditions, temperature controlled storage may be the way to go.   Temperature controlled storage buildings are heated or cooled by central A/C units and are maintained at temperatures ranging from 55-80 degrees.  This is in stark contrast to your regular non-temperature controlled units, where there are no temperature regulations or air circulation though the units.  A majority of facilities, especially in the southern United States, will have dehumidifiers along with the HVAC units in their temperature controlled buildings.  A great question to ask the storage manager is if their HVAC units have dehumidifiers in them.

The following is a list of items that are recommended to be stored in temperature-controlled units:
Home Goods
Leather or wood furniture
Antiques & heirlooms
Craft supplies
Food stuffs
Paintings & other fine art
Musical Instruments
Media such as DVDS, CDS, vinyl records, cassettes & 8-track tapes
Televisions & stereos
Computers & computer parts
Video equipment
Audio equipment
Tools & machines
Restaurant equipment
Construction supplies
Business Items
Products & supplies
Software, videos, DVDs & CDs
Pharmaceutical samples & medical     supplies
Archival documents, tax files, & other paperwork
Seasonal inventory

Temperature controlled units will typically cost more than your regular units.  It is important to assess the value of your items and decide if the extra security and satisfaction are worth the extra money for the unit.  Most likely, if you are storing these items they are worth a great deal to you, so storing them in the best condition is definitely worth the money.