Vacate Policy

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The vacate procedure is one of the most important policies that we get asked about the most. Every self-storage company has a different policy and it is very important you check with your storage manager as to what the details of that policy are.

Our Vacate Policy

– The Tenant/Customer must submit a vacate notice in writing (email, web, mail or in person) at least 10 days before his or her next due date.
-The tenant must have everything cleared out of the unit by the day before the rent charges again. Example: If your rent is due on the 2nd, you must have the unit completely cleared out by the 1st.
– Once you have removed your lock and have completely emptied your storage unit, then the storage manager will know you have vacated your unit. It is very important that you remove the lock from your unit. If the unit still has a lock on the latch after the day it was supposed to be emptied, we will assume that you are staying another month because the lock has not been removed. Remember we can not see inside your unit so we do not know if it is completely empty or not.

Questions and Answers:

If I fill out a vacate notice does that mean I have to move-out? No. We understand that you may need to keep your unit for another month. I would recommend telling your facility manager that you would like to cancel your move-out date. Also, by keeping the lock on the unit, that shows the manager you are staying.

Can I use your moving truck when I move out? No. We offer our move-in truck as a move-in incentive to all new customers who rent a 10×10 or larger. The truck must be used within two weeks of moving into your storage unit. We do not offer our truck for rental or for moving out of a storage unit. Our managers do have the numbers for your local truck rental companies, so please ask them for some information.

Must I clear everything out of my unit? Yes. We require that everything is removed from your storage unit and taken with you when you vacate. If there are trash or unwanted items left behind, we will impose a minimum $50.00 cleaning fee, plus disposal fees.

Is there a dumpster I can use? We are very sorry but the dumpsters we have onsite are only large enough for our office trash. We recommend taking boxes to local grocery stores where they have recycling. Goodwill or other donation organizations can come and pick up the furniture or mattresses you do not want to take with you. Best Buy will recycle all of your old computers, TV,s and other electronics. Home Depot will take all of your old light bulbs and power tools to recycle.

If you have any questions always refer back to your lease or ask the property manager. They are there are to help you so please feel free to ask them any questions you may have.