Should I go with Temperature Controlled or Non Temperature Controlled?

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I thought I would write about this again today because I have already gotten the question twice this morning:  Should I go with temperature controlled or non temperature controlled?  I always respond to the customer with, “how long are you going to be storing?”  If you are storing it for one to two months in the Midwest climate, non-temperature controlled units should work fine since it is for such a short period.  However, if you choose non-temperature controlled, I would always recommend you check on your items a couple times a month.  I say this to anyone storing their items, no matter what type of unit they rent.  Never leave your items for long periods of time without checking on them.

Drastic changes in temperature from one day to the next can potentially invite moisture into the non-temperature controlled units.  I like to use this example to help our customers get a better idea. Think about your bathroom shower.  When you turn on the water and it heats up your room, moisture builds up in the bathroom.  It is the same effect in your storage unit.

There are ways to reduce moisture in your non-temperature controlled units.  One method is to put Dry-it (moisture controlled product) somewhere in the unit.  Another cost effective way to control moisture is by putting kitty litter in a box into your unit.  Never store items up against the metal partitions (walls); they are the first structure that attracts moisture.  Putting a barrier on the concrete floor such as a pallet or some kind of plastic cover will help, also.  Ask your storage manager if they have extra pallets for you to use.  Most stores will have some that people have left and will let you take them for free!  I can’t say this enough to people, but COVER YOUR ITEMS, no matter what they are. The non-temperature controlled units will get dust in them.  You will be thankful when you are moving out that you spent the extra money to properly secure your belongings.  The majority of storage facilities have a great deal of supplies in their office that will help protect your stored items.  Taking these measures will definitely help control any moisture that tries to get in your unit.

As Chateau Products say, “if it’s worth storing, its worth protecting!”