Moving Day

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Moving can be one of the most stressful and expensive tasks you can undertake in your life.  It is very important to plan ahead so that it makes everything less stressful the day of the move.  The big question is, do you hire movers to help or do it yourself?  Movers are costly but can make the move go a lot faster.  One way to save a lot of money on your move is to hire movers just to do the heavy lifting, and you can get the smaller items yourself.

A wonderful incentive that we offer at our storage facilities is the free use of our 16ft moving trucks
for all new move-ins,10×10 or larger. Our free truck use will save you a great deal of money,
instead of spending an arm and a leg to rent a truck at one of the national dealers.  Make sure you
plan ahead if you would like to use the truck at one of our facilities so we can guarantee its
availability. You may check our website for the guidelines regarding the FREE use of the truck.
Happy Moving!