Google+ reviews via Mobile Device

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I had a customer today that called and wanted to leave a review on google+ for one of our facilities but he could not figure out how to do this. I tried to do it myself and could not figure it out. After reaching out to Red Nova Labs they were able to help me figure this out for our customer.

Mobile Device Reviews
1. Go to your Google Maps App (make sure its the latest version and it has been updated)
2. In the search bar type in the business you are looking for
3. Click on the business name on the bottom of the page or on the balloon listing
4. Scroll down the page below the Map, pictures, website & more info tab. You will see a section where it has Rate & Review with 5 stars. Click on the stars and leave the review.

A couple of suggestions if you have having trouble
1. You must have a Google account to be able to leave a review. If you sign up for a gmail account you will be able to post a review.
2. Again, I will stress the importance of updating your Google Maps App. I was unable at first to find the review section. As soon as I updated my App it was there.

Hope this helps!