Building a new facility. The Start of It All.

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We have been looking around for years to build a new facility in one of our current markets.  There were a lot of criteria we were looking for to be able to pick the right land for our future development:

1. Good road exposure

2. An increasing market and population

3. Demand for storage (of course)

4. Land that was priced right

5. Property that was large enough for the storage needs

Our first attempt at a contact on land failed.  We picked a property that was in a existing development for large warehouses.  This location was ideal do to vehicles that travel the road daily.  However, we would not be able to purchase the land that was right on the main road.  Therefore, once a future warehouse was built next door we do not know what kind of visual exposure we would get.  Also, the property was overpriced and they wanted us to improve one of their roads.  So we eliminated that property.


Six months down the road we came across another property that just came on the market.  It was the ideal county we wanted to be in.  The property has excellent road exposure and we were excited to get the contract in right-away.  The contract was excepted with-in a few weeks after going back and forth on the price.  We are now underway with our site.  So the big work begins!