Advantages for Storage Owners to Offer Free Truck Use.

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Free moving truck

In the continuously evolving world of self-storage, it has become increasingly more difficult for owner-operators to maintain a competitive edge over their industry peers.  However, one way to keep a leg up on the competition is to offer a moving truck that tenants can use for free when they are moving into the storage facility. This provides a one-stop, hassle-free moving experience for the tenants, as they no longer have to find other means to bring their items into the facility.  Also, it potentially saves the tenants a lot of money and aggravation, as renting a truck from an actual truck rental business can be an expensive and frustrating experience.

From an owner’s perspective, having a free moving truck will increase the property’s exposure and
potential for new business.  The goal of any self-storage operator should be to provide his or her
customers with the most convenient, worry-free storage experience possible, and offering the use
MADISON-HEIGHTS-revisedof a free moving truck will go a long way in achieving that.