2nd/3rd Floor Storage Units May Save You Money

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Are you looking to save some money on your storage unit? It is a good idea to see if your storage facility offers discounted prices on the upper floors.  A majority of multi- story storage facilities will offer better rates if you will go to the upper floors.  The reason why these units are discounted is because they are less desirable than bottom floor or drive up units.  However, today many facilities have made the upper floors very convenient for you to move into your unit.  Freight sized elevators and moving carts have made moving to upper floors just as convenient as first floor units.  Also, if you are having a moving company move your items into storage I would always recommend using the upper floors, since you aren’t doing the moving anyway!  The monthly savings from renting an upper floor unit could eventually end up paying for the movers!

You may also find more availability on the upper floors than on the ground level.  Ask the storage manager to give you a unit as close to the elevator as possible.  In the end, this unit may be less distance to move your items to than a ground floor unit that’s in the back corner of the building.

Add up the savings for the upper floors; you will be amazed that you can save $20-$30 a month with a potential savings of $120.00 for a 6 month stay. Don’t forget to ask your manager what deal he or she can give you on an upper floor unit!